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Guinea/Condé election

Published on December 7, 2010
Letter of congratulations from Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic, to Alpha Condé, President of the Republic of Guinea

Paris, December 4, 2010

President Condé,

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you my very sincere and very warm congratulations on your election as President of the Republic of Guinea.

Your accession to the highest office, following the first free election Guinea has known, marks the culmination of the long, difficult battle you have continuously fought to establish democracy in your country. It makes me extremely pleased, for you and for all Guinean women and men.

Now that your fellow citizens have placed their trust in you, and carrying their hope for a better future, I know you will not rest until you have fulfilled their expectations and carried out the historic task with which they have entrusted you: that of building a new, democratic, prosperous Guinea, at peace with herself, and occupying her rightful place in the regional and international arenas.

The challenges Guinea has to confront, under your leadership, are huge. I can tell you that France stands at your side in helping you take them up. Be it getting the government institutions up and running again, reorganizing the army or relaunching economic activity to help social development and employment, she is fully prepared to lend you all the support you deem necessary, in the spirit of friendship, trust and mutual respect which prevails in our relations.

My warmest congratulations to you again on your election, and my most sincere wishes for success in your high office.

(complimentary close)./.

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