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Published on February 24, 2011
The President of the United States called President Sarkozy this evening to discuss the situation in Libya - Communiqué from the Presidence of the Republic.

Paris, February 24, 2011

Faced with the continuation of the brutal and bloody crackdown and the threatening statements of the Libyan leadership, the two Presidents reiterated their demand for an immediate halt to the use of force against the civilian population.

President Sarkozy presented the measures currently being examined by the European Union at his behest, and which he hopes will be swiftly adopted. President Obama presented the measures that the United States plans on taking.

The President of the Republic announced France’s intention to request another urgent Security Council meeting on the situation in Libya. In line with the statement that was unanimously adopted by the Council on February 22, concrete measures are now necessary, notably to permit immediate access to humanitarian assistance and to sanction those responsible for the violence against Libya’s civilian population.

The two heads of state agreed to maintain close contact on the Libyan crisis.

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