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Published on March 1, 2011
G20 – Joint declaration by Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey

Ankara, February 25, 2011

1. France and Turkey are determined to work together in the G20 framework with a view to ensuring strong, sustainable and balanced growth and boosting employment.

2. Turkey fully supports the broad lines of the French G20 presidency’s programme and the work being done with a view to the Cannes summit of 3 and 4 November.

3. France and Turkey have committed themselves to working together with a view to reducing the great imbalances that persist at global level and ensuring stronger, more stable growth. In this context, the two countries recall that they are continuing their mutual efforts to coordinate and assess economic and financial policies.

4. France and Turkey welcomed the progress made on financial regulations in the G20 framework and underlined the importance of fully implementing the decisions taken in this field by all the G20 countries. France and Turkey reaffirmed the necessity of unfailing regulation of the financial system in order to prevent crises.

5. France and Turkey emphasized the importance of reforming the international monetary system in order to strengthen that system and reduce volatility and instability. In this context, the two countries said they support the development of global financial safety nets to tackle volatility in the international monetary system. France and Turkey reaffirmed their rejection of all forms of protectionism.

6. Given the rise in commodity prices, France and Turkey are pleased that the question of better regulation and surveillance of the energy and agricultural product markets will now be discussed in the G20 framework. France and Turkey expressed their wish that the G20 would achieve marked progress on regulation – particularly of the financial and commodity markets – as well as on greater transparency in the physical markets and the strengthening of food security.

7. France and Turkey reiterated their support for the G20’s approach to trade and underlined the importance of ensuring that the Doha negotiations lead to a global, balanced and positive result as soon as possible.

8. France and Turkey welcomed the adoption at the G20 summit in Seoul of a Multi-Year Action Plan on Development, a milestone in the development field.

9. France and Turkey stressed the importance of food security and infrastructures for development and recalled the added value the G20 can contribute in this field.

10. France and Turkey declare that they will step up information-sharing on development financing and the fight against climate change, particularly with regard to innovative financing – necessary to tackle these challenges – in addition to traditional official development assistance.

11. France and Turkey welcome the progress made in reforming the IMF and World Bank. They urge all the G20 members to approve, without delay, the 2010 reforms on quotas and governance and to work towards the swift implementation of those reforms. The two countries call for the reforms to continue in order to ensure that the global economic system is better governed, more effective, more representative and more in line with the needs of the 21st century.

12. France and Turkey said they consider it important for the G20 to remain effective.

13. Turkey reiterated her intention to host the G20 summit in 2014 and expressed her wish that a decision be taken to this effect at the Cannes summit.

14. France and Turkey welcome the organization – in the framework of the 2011 working timetable and in addition to the meetings of the G20 countries’ economy ministers – of a meeting of G20 agriculture ministers in June and a meeting of G20 labour and employment ministers in September.

15. France and Turkey underlined the importance of promoting employment and the rules of the International Labour Organization. The two countries welcome the organization, for the first time, of a summit on social issues and employment on the sidelines of the summit of G20 heads of State and government in Cannes.

16. Both parties expressed their support for the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries, to be held in Istanbul from 9 to 13 May 2011, and hope that the conference’s conclusions will contribute to the success of the summit of G20 heads of State and government in Cannes./.

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