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Libya/death of journalists

Libya/death of journalists

Published on April 21, 2011
Libya/death of journalists Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros – Statement by the Deputy Foreign and European Affairs Ministry Spokesman

Paris, April 21, 2011

France expresses her shock at the death of Vanity Fair’s Tim Hetherington and the Getty Agency’s Chris Hondros, who were killed yesterday in Libya during the bloody fighting in Misrata. Two other journalists were also injured in the mortar fire.

France condemns this crime and offers her solidarity to their families, loved ones and colleagues.

After the death of Al Jazeera cameraman Ali Hassan Al Jaber on 14 March, this latest tragedy reminds us of the heavy toll paid by journalists in providing information to the public.

That is why France is constantly concerned with protecting journalists in armed conflicts.

That is why she introduced UNSCR 1738, which the Security Council passed unanimously in December 2006, reaffirming the need to prevent acts of violence against journalists, bring the perpetrators of such violent acts to justice and remind States of their obligations under international humanitarian law.

It was also at France’s behest that UNSCR 1973 of 17 March 2011 on Libya condemns “acts of violence and intimidation committed by the Libyan authorities against journalists, media professionals and associated personnel and urging these authorities to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law.”

This tragedy also demonstrates the importance of international intervention in protecting civilians in Libya and underscores the urgent need to open up the town of Misrata, which has been under siege by forces loyal to the Gaddafi regime for nearly two months./.

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