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Signature of France-Morocco cooperation agreements

Published on April 28, 2011
Speech by Henri de Raincourt, Minister responsible for Cooperation

Paris, April 26, 2011

Morocco is one of our main cooperation partners in the world.

The two agreements we’re signing with M. Saâd Hassar, Minister of State for the Interior, are the result of a commitment made by the two prime ministers at the Franco-Moroccan intergovernmental seminar in Rabat in 2008.

One concerns decentralization and the other decentralized cooperation. The agreements represent an overall sum of nearly €3 million.

In addition, an agreement will be signed by the two interior ministries’ general inspectorates.

The agreements reflect the strength of our bilateral cooperation on governance and institutional and administrative modernization.

They are useful tools at a time when Morocco is engaged in a process of democratic reform.

France stands alongside you on this path, marked out by your monarch with courage and vision.

The cooperation on decentralization builds on the decentralization drive in Morocco to which we have been providing our technical and financial support for five years. It responds to a territorial and functional challenge of primordial importance. The partnership co-financed by France and Morocco and based on the expertise of the two countries’ Interior Ministries has enabled progress in line with the guidelines set by the Moroccan authorities.

It’s giving rise to a sharing of good practice, visits by senior civil servants, prefects, walis [regional prefects] and governors – shared experience that fosters a unique relationship between the two Interior Ministries. That’s what we’re going to continue doing. I know you’re going to talk to Claude Guéant about it very shortly.

Financial support for decentralized cooperation is the second aspect of this approach. It follows numerous joint initiatives, the last of them dating back to the Franco-Moroccan meeting on decentralized cooperation in Agadir (2009).

It’s essential that projects conceived and conducted in Morocco by local authorities from both countries can be financially supported. It complements the effort to respond more effectively and with greater immediacy to citizens’ expectations. That, too, is an issue of social cohesion and democracy.

Finally, I welcome the mutual commitment made by the two interior ministries’ general inspectorates. It builds on the cooperation process begun by the two bodies, which has been financed by Europe for two years./.

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