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France/UK/defense and security cooperation

Published on July 11, 2011
Joint Franco-British communiqué

Paris, July 8, 2011

Following the entry into force of the Anglo-French Treaty signed at the Lancaster House summit in November 2010, the first formal senior level group meeting has been convened in Paris on 8 July 2011, under the auspices of the French Presidency and the UK Cabinet Office. The senior level group is established to monitor and bolster the cooperation developed under the Lancaster House treaty for defence and security cooperation. It is composed of all the key civilian and military officials in charge of defence and security.

The parties reviewed recent international developments, notably regarding Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran and the Gulf, piracy off the coast of Somalia, cyberattacks and other technological threats, counterterrorism, and current trends in defence and security policy.
All these developments confirm and reinforce the validity of the conclusions reached at the Lancaster House summit on Anglo-French cooperation. Together, our countries represent half of the European defence effort.

The parties also reviewed their close partnership on Libya and the lessons to be learned from that, the implementation of the treaties and the state of progress of the numerous cooperation projects endorsed at the last summit: e.g. the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force, A400M strategic airlift, submarine technologies, satellite communications, UAV systems, missile industry, research and technology, nuclear deterrence, counterterrorism, cyber-security as well as issues such as security of supply, industrial strategies, mutual access to markets and export policies, consultations and harmonization of future procurement.

The parties have also exchanged the ratification documents of the Treaty relating to joint radiographic/hydrodynamics facilities, signed on 2 November 2010, which has now entered into force.

They encouraged all those concerned in government and industry to continue their work so as to deliver concrete results by the next Anglo-French Summit./.

¹ Source of English text: UK Cabinet Office website.

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