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EU/road safety

Published on July 11, 2011
Cross-border road safety enforcement/European Parliament vote – Communiqué issued by Jean Leonetti, Minister responsible for European Affairs

Paris, July 7, 2011

Jean Leonetti, Minister responsible for European Affairs, is pleased about yesterday’s European Parliament vote on cross-border road safety enforcement.

The European Parliament yesterday adopted a text which allows drivers committing an offence outside their state of residence to be prosecuted.

This agreement comes after three years of negotiation and is expected to be endorsed by the European Council at its next meeting.
France has always supported the approach advocated by this text, which aims to improve practical cooperation between member states.
The European Parliament has fully played its role by adopting this draft directive and strengthening the level of personal data protection, in particular through the obligation to delete files on offenders as soon as a case is closed.

Jean Leonetti welcomes this further example of a Europe which protects our fellow citizens and must allow marked progress to be made on road safety./.

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