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Constitutional referendum in Morocco

Published on July 18, 2011
Statement by the G8 presidency¹

Paris, July 18, 2011

The G8 welcomes the results of the referendum organized on 1 July upon King Mohammed VI’s initiative, which will herald a new era for the Kingdom of Morocco.

Through a peaceful and democratic process, important changes have been introduced in Morocco’s institutional system. Echoing the aspirations expressed by the Moroccan people during recent months, the new Constitution contains significant progress in the fields of government accountability, rule of law, protection of human and social rights and the development of individual freedoms for men and women.

G8 members encourage the full and swift implementation of Morocco’s reform agenda, based on continued dialogue with a wide range of political voices, and are determined to extend their concrete support to that end. In this regard, as that implementation proceeds, they express their readiness to associate Morocco to the Partnership established in Deauville on 27 May 2011 to help Arab countries engaged in a transition to free and democratic societies and in economic modernization.

¹ Source of English text: French G8 presidency.

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