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International Conference on Alzheimer's

International Conference on Alzheimer’s

Published on July 21, 2011
President Sarkozy’s Speech at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s [excerpts]

Paris, July 20, 2011.
President Nicolas Sarkozy speaks at the at the International Conference on Alzheimer
© Présidence de la République - C. Alix

Dear Ministers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very happy that France is welcoming for the first time the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease. As you know, I made the fight against Alzheimer’s a priority of my presidency since 2007. The presence in France of the world’s best specialists on the disease is an honor for our country, a form of recognition of our researchers and an encouragement toward the French government to continue its commitment in this area. […]

Today, the [French government’s] Alzheimer Plan finances over 100 research projects. Of the 200 million euros allotted for five years, 70 million euros have already been attributed. […]

Thanks to quick and effective action, the Alzheimer Plan has allowed for accelerated research, on which the initial reports have already been published. Our understanding [of the disease] has progressed in remarkable ways, and new factors surrounding one’s predisposition to Alzheimer’s have been discovered. Though we still know rather little about the appearance and accumulation of the matter responsible for the disease, the proteins involved in these phenomena are the subject of number research projects, which we hope will soon lead to other advancements against Alzheimer’s.[…]

We must therefore bring together experts and talented researchers, and put the most powerful modern resources at their disposal. Because the cause that unites us today, which is to alleviate the suffering experienced by those with Alzheimer’s Disease and by their families, is too important to allow national particularisms, conflicts of ego and slow administrative procedures to stand in the way of progress. […]

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