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Guinea/freedom of the media

Published on August 2, 2011
Statement by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesman

Paris, July 28, 2011

I remind you that, last week, France condemned the attack which targeted President Condé.

We’re now concerned about the media freedom situation in Guinea.
The attack on President Condé must not justify restrictions on fundamental freedoms. France disapproves of the fact that all national media services have been banned from mentioning the attack on the Head of State and from running interactive political broadcasts.

This ban seriously violates the freedom of expression and we call on President Condé to reconsider this decision in his capacity as guarantor of freedoms in Guinea.

As President Condé himself pledged, the holding of a free, transparent and peaceful general election as swiftly as possible must be as high on the agenda of the Guinean authorities as reconciliation and dialogue between the communities./.

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