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Daily Press Briefing (Paris, August 2, 2011)

Published on August 4, 2011
Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign and European Spokesperson

New European sanctions against officials in the Syrian regime (August 2, 2011)

On August 2, the European Union adopted a fourth round of sanctions targeting five individuals, including the Syrian defense minister, who is involved in the bloody crackdown in Syria.

This decision is in line with the conclusion of the Foreign Affairs Council of July 18, which raised the prospect of new sanctions if the regime did not stop its crackdown against the population and did not respond to the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people for a democratic transition process.

In all, since the first round of autonomous European sanctions on May 9, 35 individuals have been subjected to sanctions as well as four economic entities linked to the crackdown.

All individuals and entities, including economic ones, associated in any way with the crackdown are liable to be targets of European sanctions.

Now more than ever, we are determined to maintain and step up pressure on the regime to stop the blood from flowing in Syria. We expect the Security Council to speak out loud and clear, especially after the bloody crackdown that left more than 100 dead in Hama.

South Sudan - Border management agreement (August 2, 2011)

France welcomes the July 30th signature of an agreement in Addis Ababa on the implementation of the demilitarized zone along the border between Sudan and South Sudan and on the terms governing its observation. France is pleased that the two parties are asking for the support of the United Nations Interim Security force for Abyei (UNISFA) to implement this agreement.

Obtained with the support of the African Union High-Level Panel, this agreement signals the determination of the governments of the two States to take the necessary decisions to preserve regional stability and establish relations based on trust. It is an encouraging step.

France urges the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan to negotiate all the terms of their relations and their cooperation in this same collaborative spirit.

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