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Foreign Minister Juppé Leads Deauville Partnership Meeting at UN

Foreign Minister Juppé Leads Deauville Partnership Meeting at UN

Published on September 21, 2011
Meeting of the of the Deauville Partnership in New York (Photo : F. de la Mure / MAEE)

On September 20 in New York, Alain Juppé, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs chaired a meeting of the foreign ministers from all member countries of the Deauville Partnership, the beneficiary States of the partnership (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Libya) and the
international financial institutions (United Nations, OECD, the Arab League, the World Bank, the IMF and the Union for the Mediterranean).

This long-term partnership launched in Deauville at the G8 on May 27 aimed at supporting the changes in the Arab Spring countries is based on two pillars: an economic and financial pillar led by the finance ministers and a political pillar led by the foreign ministers tasked with ensuring coherence between these two pillars. Democratic transition is in fact inseparable from economic modernization.

The Deauville Partnership Finance Minister’s Meeting took place on September 10 in Marseille. The declaration issued in Marseille significantly extends financial support and multilateral coordination. The figure of $20 billion quoted in the Deauville Declaration was thus increased to $38 billion for multilateral assistance alone. The donor countries and the financial institutions are also focusing on trade issues, referring to the prospect of gradual integration with the EU.
The final declaration adopted in New York will establish the political and operational framework of the Deauville Partnership, encompassing the economic and financial components agreed
upon in Marseille: scope, methods of participation, organization, and follow-up, together with a presentation of the areas to which this partnership applies.

Deauville Partnership Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Meeting Communiqué
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