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Syria/UN veto

Published on October 7, 2011
Interview given by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesman to “France 24”

Paris, October 5, 2011

Good evening, Bernard Valero. You’re the French Foreign Ministry Spokesman. On Monday evening you came to the studio to talk about Syria, and you were rather confident about the progress of negotiations on the vote for a resolution at the UN. What went wrong? Why this “no” from the Russians?

M. VALERO – The “no” from the Russians was based on two bad reasons. They were adamant that the adoption of this resolution which we tried to carry at the Security Council would be tantamount to giving authorization for armed action against Syria, which wasn’t the case.

The second reason was that, in the text of this resolution, they wanted to include on an equal footing both the Syrian regime – with the crackdown it’s been engaging in for months – and the Syrian democratic opposition.

Both those reasons are bad, both those reasons are false, but in any case both those reasons derailed the process at the Security Council in New York last night.

Indeed, as you were recalling, Alain Juppé said it was “a sad day” for both the Syrian people and the Security Council, which wasn’t equal to the situation. The question we may now ask ourselves is: how many more deaths must we wait for in Syria before reason prevails among some members of the Security Council?

It’s an open question, but as Alain Juppé said in Parliament this afternoon, we’re not standing back, and we won’t let the Syrians down in their aspiration, their mobilization for democracy and freedom./.

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