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Dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Published on October 17, 2011
Communiqué, French Embassy in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. , October 17 2011.

The Embassy of France in the United States enthusiastically celebrates the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C. We wish to join our American and international counterparts and friends in recognizing the important work of Dr. King as the iconic leader the American civil rights movement.

Dr. King shared the values of equality and equal opportunities that France considers fundamental to its national identity. These values are also reflected in the anti-discrimination work France continues to lead and support both in France and abroad — often in close partnership with the United States.

The Embassy of France extends its congratulations to those involved with making the memorial a noble testament Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy.

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial on the National Mall (photo Scott Ableman / Flickr)
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