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Honoring Ambassador and Mrs Félix Rohatyn and FRAME

Honoring Ambassador and Mrs Félix Rohatyn and FRAME

Published on October 18, 2011
Reception at the Residence of France - Speech of Ambassador François Delattre

Washington DC, October 13, 2011

Cher Ambassadeur Rohatyn, Cher Felix,

Chère Elizabeth Rohatyn,

Madame la Directrice des Musées de France, et co-présidente de FRAME, Marie-Christine Labourdette, who has come especially from Paris to be with us tonight,

FRAME Trustees and members and friends,

It’s a great pleasure and a true honor for Sophie and me to welcome you tonight to our Residence for this reception in honor of Ambassador Felix Rohatyn, Mrs. Elizabeth Rohatyn and FRAME.

Dear Felix and Elizabeth, Sophie and I have known you for ten years or so and the friendship and admiration we have for you both is just beyond words.

You have superbly represented the U.S. in France, when Felix was ambassador to Paris, but your love affair with France goes well beyond that, as everyone here is well aware.

On a more personal note, you are, Elizabeth and Felix, an example, a role-model for Sophie and me - professionally for sure but also personally.

And we’ll never forget your incredibly warm welcome when we arrived in New York in 2004. And if we’re here today, representing France in your great country, it is to a large extend thanks to you and because you gave us the keys to understanding your country.

FRAME, the great success story that we are celebrating tonight, is Elizabeth’s brainchild.

With the creation of FRAME in 1999, you have played together a powerful role in American cultural diplomacy.

FRAME is a strong network that includes 26 North American and French museums.

FRAME is a victim of its success as numerous museums dream to participate and have joined the long waiting list.
FRAME truly speaks for itself when we take a look at the marvelous tour of the exhibition “des Pleurants du Tombeau de Jean sans Peur”, from the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, to take just this example.

Shown at the Metropolitan in New York, in Dallas, Minneapolis and Los Angeles, the exhibit is currently in San Francisco and will conclude in Richmond in April 2012.

This is a perfect example of FRAME’s success. FRAME is a network of exceptional museums with a common vision. It is also an innovative network of influence which allows museums to collaborate, conceive and produce complex exhibitions.
Exhibitions which have touched so many of us.

That’s why FRAME is a source of inspiration for French-American friendship and a model for future ventures. In this respect, I have good news tonight : French-American relations have never been closer than today (…).

My warmest thanks again to each and everyone of you, and again my deep admiration to Felix and Elizabeth./.

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