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US/death penalty

Published on November 4, 2011
United States of America/death penalty/Mr Hank Skinner – Statement by the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry Deputy Spokesman

Paris, November 4, 2011

France expresses her concern following the refusal of Gray County Court (Texas) to grant the request for DNA analysis presented by Mr Hank Skinner and his lawyers on the basis of the law that came into force in Texas on 1 September regarding the use of DNA tests.

France would like to see Mr Skinner benefit from the new guarantees provided by this new law. No element can be neglected when the death penalty is at stake.

Moreover, since not all the legal recourses within the state of Texas and at the federal level have been exhausted, France deems that the execution order for 9 November must be lifted.

France reaffirms her continued commitment to abolishing the death penalty, wherever and whatever circumstances. She considers that capital punishment is a cruel, irreparable punishment while no legal system is free from miscarriages of justice./.

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