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Sudan/South Sudan

Published on November 15, 2011
Military strikes in South Sudan’s territory – Statements by the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry Spokesman

Paris, November 14, 2011

France condemns the military strikes by the Sudanese armed forces in South Sudan’s territory, in Yida and Guffra, which resulted in civilian casualties. This is a flagrant violation of the rules of international law.

France urges Sudan to immediately end her military operations in South Sudan.

France is aware of the deepening plight of the civilian refugees who have fled the combat zones and supports the demand expressed by Mrs Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights, for an independent and credible inquiry to establish the exact circumstances of the bombings.

We urge all parties in Sudan and South Sudan to do everything possible to immediately restore calm and allow humanitarian access to the civilians. The two states must settle the various outstanding issues between themselves in a peaceful manner, in particular by refraining from directly or indirectly participating in the conflicts in each other’s territory. There can be no military solution to the current situation. There is an urgent need to resume the negotiation process between the two states, with the help of the African Union High-Level Panel, in order to implement the agreement on joint control of the border with international support./.

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