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Seventeenth international climate change conference

Seventeenth international climate change conference

Published on November 28, 2011
Statement by the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry Spokesman

Paris, November 25, 2011

A new stage in climate negotiations gets under way on Monday, 28 November in Durban. From 28 November to 9 December, the 17th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is bringing together 195 states-parties under the presidency of South Africa.

Halving global emissions by 2050 is essential to keep climate change below the dangerous threshold of 2°C. To that end, France, working closely with her European partners, will act to ensure the full implementation of the decisions taken in Cancún, and in support of a legally binding international framework that will include all major emitters, bolstering the international response to climate change.

During the Council of Ministers on 23 November, France reiterated her aim to see Durban constitute an important step in the fight against climate change.

The conference will begin with technical negotiation sessions and will wrap up with a segment at the ministerial level at which France will be represented by Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing.

In addition to the negotiations, the Durban conference provides an opportunity to clarify Africa’s role in the fight against climate change, along with opportunities for new modes of development. To this end, France supports the development of action-oriented partnerships and will continue to promote the Paris-Nairobi Initiative in support of access to clean energy, which she initiated with Kenya in April. The success of this African conference, whose approach combines climate, energy and development, will enable us collectively to begin an effective, fair transition towards a green economy. Climate change does not concern only future generations. The increasing number of extreme events reminds us that climate change is already a reality and that we have a limited amount of time to make this transition.

A complete dossier on the challenges of this conference is available on the France Diplomatie website under the heading “Focus”.

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