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Published on November 30, 2011
Somalia/ban on the activities of several UN agencies and humanitarian organizations – Statement by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesman

Paris, November 29, 2011

Militiamen belonging to al-Shabaab have announced a ban on the activities of several United Nations agencies and humanitarian aid organizations in Somalia and have started to loot some of their offices.

France joins in the UN Secretary-General’s protests and strongly condemns all the looting against the humanitarian and peace operations in Somalia yesterday and today, particularly the premises of the World Health Organization and UNICEF in Baidoa and Wajid. She calls for the work of these bodies and the safety of their staff and premises to be respected.

The United Nations, like the humanitarian aid organizations, provides vital support to the population affected by the drought and famine in the entire region. France remains mobilized to respond to the food crisis in the Horn of Africa. She urges all the Somali groups to provide unhindered access for humanitarian aid.

France renews her appeal for the reconciliation of all Somalis and roundly condemns the use of violence. She supports the efforts of the international community and AMISOM to help Somalia restore security and eradicate terrorism.

France reaffirms her support for the Transitional Federal Government, which must demonstrate its capacity to improve the security and living conditions of the Somali people./.

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