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G20/Steering Council for Employment

Published on December 8, 2011
Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, December 5 , 2011

At France’s initiative, the declaration of heads of state at the Cannes summit confirmed social issues as being central to the G20 agenda from now on.

Convinced that social progress guarantees stronger and more lasting economic growth, all the G20 states emphasized the necessity of investing in social protection floors adapted to each country, the need for better integration of social issues into the activities of international organizations, and greater consistency between them, as well as a demand for compliance with fundamental labour standards.

In this framework, employment is the top priority: it is a challenge shared by all the G20 countries, because the unemployment rate has increased in all of them since the crisis began in 2008 and because all the countries must face major structural transformations.

The G20 is an appropriate forum for promoting our analysis of these issues – especially through better exchanges of good practice, particularly in terms of work-based learning – and for strengthening the coordination of state policies. To this end, the G20 members decided in Cannes to create an intergovernmental task force on employment, which will enjoy the support of the relevant international organizations and the employers and unions.

The mission of this task force will be to help prepare the next meeting of G20 labour and employment ministers, which should take place in the spring of 2012, subject to the choices made by the Mexican presidency.

President Sarkozy has asked Mme Marie-Claire Carrère Gée, President of the Steering Council for Employment, to represent France on this task force and spearhead it, in close collaboration with the Mexican G20 presidency./.

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