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Yemen/national unity government

Published on December 9, 2011
Yemen/formation of a national unity government – Statement by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesman

Paris, December 8 , 2011

We welcome the formation of a national unity government by Mr Basindawa, a further step in the implementation of the political transition process in Yemen.

We welcome the proper conduct of this process, which so far complies with the transition agreement.

However, we remain concerned about the continuing violence in the country. We take positive note of the formation on 4 December of the military committee, as set out in the agreement, tasked with settling disputes between the opposing forces.

We renew our appeal to the various parties, including President Saleh, to uphold their commitment to end the violence and to refrain from any provocation, in accordance with the terms of the transition agreement and UNSCR 2014, in order to ensure a peaceful transition, put an end to the deteriorating economic and humanitarian situation and avoid further violence./.

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