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Syria/murder of Dr Ibrahim Othman

Published on December 13, 2011
Statement by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Deputy Spokesman

Paris, December 12, 2011

France strongly condemns the despicable murder of Dr Ibrahim Nahel Othman by Syrian forces.

A man of peace, Dr Ibrahim Nahel Othman had, through his courage and action in coordinating Damascus Doctors, achieved unanimous recognition and respect, particularly for his constant commitment to treating the injured without discrimination.

Through him, his murderers sought to prevent free access to the victims and to treatment.

At a time when this crime arouses a strong sense of indignation and deep shock in Syria, France reaffirms her determination to stand alongside the Syrian people in the face of the relentless crackdown to which they have been subjected for more than nine months.

France, more than ever, is mobilizing her efforts in all international forums in order to bring an end to the crackdown in Syria./.

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