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Selected Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign and European Spokesperson

Published on February 9, 2012
(Paris, February 4-10, 2012)

Iran/ Nuclear issue – Announcement of space launch tests

Iran’s announcement that it has conducted another rocket launch test is troubling. If this information is correct, it constitutes a further violation by Iran of the Security Council resolutions.

Indeed, we reaffirm that space launch vehicles and ballistic missiles use common technology and that UNSCR 1929, adopted in June 2010, forbids Iran from carrying out “launches using ballistic missile technology.”

This announcement once again deepens the concerns of the international community, while Iran is developing in parallel a nuclear program, without a credible civilian purpose, in violation of six Security Council resolutions and 11 Board of Governors’ resolutions.


Do you have any response to the LGBT bill in Russia?

We’re paying close attention to the bill aimed at restricting the freedom of sexual orientation being examined by the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

In this context, France reaffirms that it is opposed to the criminalization of sexual orientation and the drawing of parallels between sexual orientation and pedophilia.

Together with our European partners, we want to remind the parliamentarians of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly of the anti-discrimination commitments made by Russia within the framework of the European Council.

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