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Mali/Sahel food crisis

Published on February 13, 2012
Visit to Niger – Press briefing given by Henri de Raincourt, Minister responsible for Cooperation, following his meeting with Brigi Rafini, Prime Minister of Niger (excerpts)

Niamey, February 10, 2012



We believe that Mali’s unity and territorial integrity must be preserved, that the electoral process under way must continue in order for Mali’s institutions to be consolidated, that a ceasefire must be reached as quickly as possible and that this will be the precondition for what must be a far-reaching, trustful and committed dialogue to look at all the issues and see to what extent these can be appropriately addressed.

The Prime Minister and I also talked about the humanitarian situation in the Sahel, particularly the food and nutrition crisis which is threatening potentially 7 to 10 million people. This, moreover, is complicated by the security situation. I reminded him of France’s all-out efforts – French food aid to the area totals €17 million, and we’re endeavouring to mobilize our international partners as well.


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