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Syria – Iran – Libya

Published on February 21, 2012
Euro-Mediterranean dialogue/meeting of the “5 + 5” foreign ministers – Excerpts from the press conference by Alain Juppé, Ministre d’Etat, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

Rome, February 20, 2012



Q. – Regarding Syria, must the different elements of the opposition attend the meeting in Tunis?

THE MINISTER – We’d like them to, and our Tunisian friends have confirmed to us that they’ve invited them.

Today we must press them to unite, organize themselves and take into account all the tendencies in Syrian society. The different communities must also be represented in this opposition if we want it to become a partner in the political dialogue that will enable the crisis to be overcome.


Q. – What is France’s position on the stance taken by Iran?

THE MINISTER – Iran is very imaginative when it comes to provocation. It wasn’t Iran who decided to suspend her shipments: it was we who decided to suspend our orders. I find it vaguely amusing, especially because the supplies we receive from Iran are fairly marginal compared to our overall needs.

I repeat: it was the European Union that decided on an embargo on Iranian oil sales. (…)


Q. – As far as Libya is concerned, is France worried?

THE MINISTER – Everyone is worried, but I don’t know of any revolution which happens quickly and straightforwardly. We’re putting our trust in the common sense of the Libyan people, who want to move towards democracy and respect the road map which was decided, and also in the Libyan authorities and their desire to find solutions. Admittedly, the militias have to be reintegrated into the regular army and weapons proliferation has to be combated; this is a real challenge. We’re at Libya’s side./.

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