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Francophonie 2012 Cultural Festival Returns to Washington

Francophonie 2012 Cultural Festival Returns to Washington

Published on March 6, 2012
Embassies, Local Partners Join Efforts to Celebrate French-Speaking Cultures

Washington, March 6, 2012

The annual Francophonie 2012 Cultural Festival begins this week in Washington, D.C. Organized among 35 embassies, the festival celebrates the cultures of French-speaking countries throughout the world. Local partners include The Smithsonian Associates, the Alliance Française and the Library of Congress.

The festival includes a series of events in a broad range of cultural domains. From film screenings to live music, from cooking classes to programs designed for children and families, the Francophonie 2012 Cultural Festival offers a palette as rich and diverse as the French-speaking world itself.

The "Grande Fête de la Francophonie" stands out as one of the key events on this year’s program, set for Friday, March 23 at the Maison Française, the cultural events facility at the French Embassy. The party’s highlights will include live music, food, cocktails, mingling and dancing. The organizers estimate some 1,600 guests, which consistently sell out well in advance. For tickets, please click here.

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