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Published on March 8, 2012
Russia/telephone conversation between François Fillon, Prime Minister, and Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Communiqué issued by the Prime Minister

Paris, March 6, 2012

Prime Minister François Fillon had a telephone conversation on Tuesday, 6 March with Mr Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

The Prime Minister congratulated his Russian counterpart on being elected President of the Russian Federation and wished him success in carrying out the democratic and economic modernization programme for which the Russian people entrusted him with this new mandate.

Citing the numerous instances of bilateral cooperation initiated in recent years in the framework of the Franco-Russian intergovernmental seminars chaired by the two heads of government, the Prime Minister expressed his wish to see those partnerships strengthened further. François Fillon emphasized that he wanted to be able to count on a modern, open Russia that shoulders all her responsibilities in the international arena, and he recalled the role being played by our two countries in building a common economic, human and security space between the European Union and Russia.

Finally, the Prime Minister thanked Vladimir Putin for Russia’s efforts to secure the evacuation of our journalists trapped last week in Homs, Syria, and reiterated our wish to see Russia working with us to resolve the Syrian tragedy./.

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