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Published on March 28, 2012
Excerpts from the press briefing given by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesman

Paris, March 26, 2012


Q. – What is your assessment of the latest report issued to the King of Bahrain by the committee assigned to follow up the implementation of Bassiouni’s recommendations?

We’ve taken note of the submission of this report; we noted with interest the efforts of the Bahraini government to respond to the Bassiouni Commission’s recommendations.

We hope that the announced measures will now be implemented within the framework of an inclusive process of reform and dialogue which brings together all components of Bahraini society and political life.

We urge all parties to seize the opportunities for dialogue afforded to them, in order to find a solution that will respond to the aspirations of all Bahraini citizens and ease tensions over the long term./.

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