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Israel/Human Rights Council

Published on March 28, 2012
Reaction to Israel’s announcement that she is breaking off relations with the UN Human Rights Council – Excerpts from the press briefing by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesman

Paris, March 27, 2012


France regrets the announcement by the Israeli authorities that they are reconsidering their cooperation with the Human Rights Council in response to the Council’s adoption of a resolution establishing a fact-finding mission to examine the impact of settlement activity on human rights in the Palestinian territories.

This text was adopted by a large majority.

I remind you that France, as an observer, did not take part in the vote.

We frequently speak out against the continuation of settlement activity, the intensification of which is extremely troubling. France condemns this process, which she repeats is illegal under international law. We also believe that it is an obstacle on the road to peace, on the road to the resumption of dialogue that we want to see between Palestinians and Israelis.

The mission’s goal will be to establish the facts in order to assess the impact of settlement activity. When the study is completed, we shall examine it closely./.

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