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South Korea/Nuclear Security Summit

Published on March 28, 2012
Press briefing given by François Fillon, Prime Minister (excerpts)

Seoul, March 27, 2012

Q. – Does this kind of summit enable progress to be made on nuclear security?

THE PRIME MINISTER – In any event, it was genuinely necessary after the Fukushima accident, which led to international initiatives being taken to improve levels of safety. We face threats of nuclear and radiological terrorism. We’ve got the attitude of Iran and North Korea, which is a real threat to the world’s security. This summit, following on from the Washington one, allows us not only to ensure that the pledges made by every state are being honoured – as they have been, notably, by us in France – but also allows us to go further by taking this nuclear threat more effectively into account.

Q. – In your speech you recalled France’s decision to opt for nuclear power. (…)

THE PRIME MINISTER – (…) There’s the issue of climate change, which risks causing far more serious damage than any technological accident. There’s the scarcity of energy resources, especially oil and gas. All these reasons encourage us to continue nuclear research and say that we need nuclear energy, but that it has to be extremely reliably managed by the international community./.

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