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Syrian Opposition Meets in Istanbul

Published on March 29, 2012
France lauds latest efforts toward democratic governance - statements made by the Ministry of Foreign and European Spokesperson

Paris, March 28, 2012

Syria – Opposition meeting in Istanbul (March 27)

We commend the efforts of the Syrian opposition groups who met in Istanbul yesterday to build a shared vision of the Syria of tomorrow. We urge all those who want to work toward creating this new Syria to rally swiftly behind this objective.

The declaration that they presented yesterday in Istanbul is, in our view, a reference document that sets out the principles for establishing a democratic and pluralist Syria that respects the rights of all Syrian people.

We hope that, in the run-up to the meeting of the Friends of Syria group in Istanbul on April 1, these efforts will be increased and that this conference will provide an opportunity to strengthen international support for the Syrian opposition which is united around the SNC.

What are you expecting from Sunday’s meeting of the Friends of Syria group in Istanbul?

The Ministre d’Etat will represent France at the meeting of the Friends of Syria group which will take place in Istanbul on April 1 and which follows the one held in Tunis on February 24 which made it possible to signal the broad international support for the Arab League’s initiatives with respect to the Syrian issue.

Bashar al-Assad has supposedly accepted Mr. Kofi Annan’s plan.

The meeting in Istanbul will provide an opportunity for the international community to determine whether or not the Damascus regime is implementing this plan, whether or not it is upholding its commitments and whether or not it is putting an end to the massacres that it has been carrying out on a daily basis for more than a year.

Syria/ UN – Implementation of Kofi Annan’s plan

Bashar al-Assad indicated to the Joint UN and Arab League Special Envoy, Mr. Kofi Annan, that he accepted his peace plan. After months of broken promises, France and the international community will judge him on what he actually does.

We demand the full implementation of the peace plan proposed by Mr. Kofi Annan, beginning with an immediate end to the crackdown. Let me remind you that this crackdown has resulted in several dozen more deaths in recent days in Syria and that the number of injured persons, prisoners, refugees and displaced persons is now in the tens of thousands.

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