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Published on April 4, 2012
Remarks to the press by France’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (excerpts)

New York, April 3, 2012

M. ARAUD – France has proposed a Security Council response to the events in Mali. As you know, the situation there is very serious: the whole of northern Mali is now controlled by rebel groups, and the situation in Bamako is still very unstable. So we thought it was absolutely essential for the Security Council to react, first of all to provide its support to ECOWAS to restore constitutional order in Bamako – that’s the first stage – and then, on the basis of the restoration of constitutional order thanks to ECOWAS, to find a political solution with the northern rebels in order to restore Mali’s unity and territorial integrity.

France has proposed a presidential statement. The draft is currently being discussed, but we met with very strong support from all the members of the Council. I think this draft presidential statement will be adopted in the evening or tomorrow morning. The Council was absolutely unanimous in supporting the African regional organizations in their mediation efforts. (…)./.

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