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Alain Juppé Attends G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Washington

Alain Juppé Attends G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Washington

Published on April 10, 2012
Statement made by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesperson.

Paris, April 10 2012.

The Ministre d’Etat, Alain Juppé, will be in Washington from Wednesday, April 11 to Thursday, April 12 for a G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting.

The key issues for the Ministre d’Etat will be as follows:

The crisis in Syria will be discussed, while the regime is refusing to uphold the commitments that it had itself made, while it’s setting out further unacceptable demands, while it’s continuing to massacre its own people and while it’s violating the sovereignty of its neighbors.

The situation in Mali will be discussed, while a political transition is being set in motion in Bamako.

With respect to Iran, the G8 meeting will allow us to evaluate the situation a few days ahead of the discussions in Istanbul between the E3+3 and Iran aimed at persuading Tehran to respond to the international community’s concerns regarding its nuclear program.

The Ministre d’Etat will review progress with respect to the implementation of the Deauville Partnership designed to support the Arab countries in transition. He will also present France’s views on the Middle East peace process in response to the report that will be presented by the Quartet to the G8 Ministers.

North Korea will also be discussed, while Pyongyang’s plans to launch a rocket in the next few days in violation of the Security Council resolutions are causing serious tensions.

Regarding Afghanistan, the gradual handover of responsibility for security to the Afghan forces, the conditions for regional cooperation and the continuation of international aid will be discussed.

Lastly, the ministers will also address certain global issues, such as terrorism, maritime piracy, governance and global growth.

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