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Syria/adoption of UNSCR 2042 at the United Nations Security Council

Published on April 16, 2012
Statement by Alain Juppé, Ministre d’Etat, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

Paris, April 14, 2012

France welcomes the adoption of UNSCR 2042. We hope it will be a turning-point in overcoming the crisis in Syria and will pave the way to a total cessation of the violence.

The resolution adopted unanimously today makes it possible to deploy in Syria, in the coming hours, an initial United Nations team in charge of assessing whether the violence has in fact ceased and testing the seriousness of the Syrian commitments. The aim put forward by France is to achieve the rapid deployment of a robust UN team in charge of verifying the Annan plan’s implementation: through this resolution, the Security Council is embracing this aim.

The Security Council has endorsed the action plan defined by Mr Annan, which aims to facilitate Syria’s political transition to a democratic system in order finally to address the aspirations bravely expressed by the Syrian people. Today we are seeking to create on the ground the conditions for this political process, by bringing about an end to the violence and restoring to the Syrian people the hope that a peaceful political solution is possible. France reiterates her support for the United Nations Secretary-General and the Joint Special Envoy, Mr Kofi Annan, whose task is as difficult as it is essential. On the basis of their efforts, and with the full support of the Arab League, we have achieved unity of action.

It is now up to the Syrian authorities to fulfil their commitments, particularly by withdrawing their troops and heavy weaponry from towns and cities, as Kofi Annan called for. In this regard, the attacks suffered today by the civilian population of Homs confirm any existing doubts about whether the Syrian regime is truly committed. We shall know very soon whether Syria is implementing her commitments. If not, it will be the responsibility of all the Security Council members to consider what measures should be taken. We shall judge the Syrian regime on its actions and nothing else.

France will not allow the Syrian people to continue undergoing a savage crackdown. In this regard, the freedom to demonstrate (a right recalled in the Annan plan) must be respected by the Damascus regime without any restrictions./.

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