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Colombia/French journalist

Published on May 3, 2012
Excerpt from the press briefing given by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Deputy Spokesman

Paris, April 30, 2012


Colombia: kidnapping of a French journalist by the FARC

Q. – Regarding the fate of the France 24 journalist in Colombia, has there been any claim of responsibility by the FARC, confirming that he is being held hostage by them? Can you confirm that he’s injured as Colombia’s Defence Minister is saying?

The information we have is that our compatriot was ambushed while reporting on an operation to combat drug trafficking.

During this operation, he was allegedly injured and captured along with five Colombian soldiers, who have been released while M. Roméo Langlois is still being held. Even though there hasn’t been any formal claim of responsibility for his abduction, we, like the Colombian authorities, believe that he’s very likely in the hands of the FARC.

We hold the FARC responsible for M. Langlois’s situation. The group publicly pledged to end the practice of kidnapping. We urge them to uphold this commitment and call on them to immediately release M. Langlois.

As the Ministre d’Etat stated yesterday, we’re doing everything we can to secure our compatriot’s release. We’re in close contact with the Colombian authorities, M. Langlois’s family, and the France 24 editorial team for which he works./.

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