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Iran/nuclear/IAEA report

Published on May 30, 2012
Iran/nuclear issue – Statement by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman

Paris, May 29, 2012

The International Atomic Energy Agency today circulated its Director General’s quarterly report on Iran’s implementation of her safeguards agreement with the Agency and of the Security Council resolutions. We fully support the Director General’s efforts and welcome his personal commitment to advance this issue.

In this report the IAEA notes Iran’s pursuit of all sensitive activities in the framework of her nuclear programme. The Agency notes that Iran is continuing to disregard her international obligations. In violation of these, Iran continues to develop her enrichment capacity to 3.5% and 20%.

The report also gives an account of the inconclusive work the Agency conducted with Iran in order for her to apply the Board of Governors’ resolution of November 2011 on the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear programme.

Finally, we note with concern that the Agency mentions that activities by Iran have been observed which might hinder the Agency’s ability to undertake the necessary checks at the Parchin site, to which it has been requesting access for several months.

We call on Iran to cooperate unreservedly with the IAEA to shed full light on the lingering grey areas in her nuclear programme. In particular, we encourage her to formalize her agreement on the structured approach discussed with the Agency and to implement it without delay to settle the unresolved issues raised in the IAEA’s report of November 2011. Going beyond statements of intent, Iran must produce evidence swiftly and concretely of her genuine desire to move forwards along this path./.

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