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Release of M. Roméo Langlois

Published on May 31, 2012
Statement by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic

Paris, May 30, 2012

Our compatriot M. Roméo Langlois, who had been held in Colombia by the FARC [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia] since 28 April, has just been released.

This is a moment of very great joy and I fully share the happiness and relief of his family, close friends and the France 24 editorial staff.

My first thoughts are for M. Langlois, who will swiftly return to France, where he will be reunited with his family and close friends, who have coped with this ordeal in a remarkably dignified way.

I would like to warmly thank all those who have contributed to this happy outcome and in particular the Colombian authorities and the International Committee of the Red Cross, whose help has been invaluable.

I also want to pay tribute to the efforts of the French Embassy in Colombia and state services, which have been fully mobilized since 28 April.

My thoughts also go to our compatriots still being held hostage and for whose release the government continues to work relentlessly./.

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