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French Minister of Finance Visits Washington

French Minister of Finance Visits Washington

Published on July 19, 2012
Washington, D.C., July 19 2012.

On the 18 and 19th of July, Pierre Moscovici, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, visited Washington for the second time since taking office. During the visit, the Minister talked successively with International Monetary Fund Executive Managing Director, Christine Lagarde and Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke. After a lunch with the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, M. Moscovici was received by the World Bank president Dr. Kim. Then, he was received at the White House, where he met Gene Sperling, President of the National Economic Council.

Pierre Moscovici, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and Christine Lagarde, Executive Managing Director of the IMF
(photo IMF)

During a conference at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the Minister spoke about French perspectives on economic policy and European measures in response to the crisis. In front of a panel of experts and investors, M. Moscovici insisted on the need for a clear trajectory for financial reforms on deficit and debt to stabilize Europe, and on long-term reforms aimed to encourage both French and European growth. During the discussion with the participants, M. Moscovici called for a stronger European integration and greater solidarity, two inseparable measures for him. Dwelling on the French-German partnership, he pointed out that even though some German reforms were transposable, we should take into account specific French structural and social specificities.

Pierre Moscovici and Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve
(photo Federal Reserve)
Pierre Moscovici at a conference at the Peterson Institute for International Economics
(photo Jeremey Tripp)
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