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Published on November 13, 2007

The bill in restaurants and cafés often includes a 15 percent tip. It is referred to "service compris." However, it is customary to leave small change unless you are dissatisfied. If the service is not included in the price, "service non compris," a 15 percent tip is customary. However, in chic restaurants, leave a generous tip.

Tipping in France is not compulsory but recommended.


€1.50 for room service and €1-€1.50 per bag to porters.

Taxi drivers

About 10 percent of the metered charge.


About 10 percent


Small tips (€.50) are reasonable for cloakroom and washroom attendants and theater ushers. Tip museum tour guides €.75-€1.50. It is also standard practice to tip tour guides and bus drivers after an excursion €1.50 or more.
Service station attendants are not tipped for giving gas or oil, but get €.75-€1.50 for checking tires.

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