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Fête de la science at Kent Gardens Elementary School, VA

Fête de la science at Kent Gardens Elementary School, VA

Published on October 26, 2012

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On October 26th, as part of the Fête de la science, French association Les Petits Débrouillards came to Kent Gardens Elementary School, VA. The students used experiments and games to learn about ways to minimize the impact of construction on today’s environment and for the future. They learned about the role construction methods and materials can play in reducing our ecological footprint, through the choice of building sites, materials, and renewable energy sources.

This activity was organized by the Cultural Services Department of the French Embassy and the Alliance Française de Washington, at the initiative of the General Delegation of the Alliance française USA and the Science and Technology Mission of the French Consulate in Chicago, with the support of the Institut français.

Les Petits Débrouillards is a French association created in 1984 that offers fun science activities to children and adolescents in order to make science and technology accessible to all. The group approaches society’s most relevant issues surrounding through the medium of experimentation. So that everyone can participate and so that children can do the experiments again at home, the group uses reused and recycled materials from everyday life for experiments.

Created in France in 1991, the Fête de la science works to encourage exchanges between the scientific community and the general public and to promote sciences to young people. Click here to learn more about the events organized as part of the Fête de la science in the United States!

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