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France and NATO

France and NATO

Published on December 3, 2012
Hubert Vedrine report submitted to the President of the Republic:The consequences of France’s return to NATO’s integrated military command, on the future of transatlantic relations, and the outlook for the Europe of defense

On 14 November 2012, former foreign minister Hubert Védrine submitted a report to the President of the Republic entitled "The consequences of France’s return to the integrated military command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the future of the transatlantic relationship and the outlook for European defense".

In accordance with the terms of reference issued on 18 July 2012, Mr. Védrine’s report presented an assessment of the consequences of France’s return to NATO integrated military command and suggested ways in which France could exercise greater influence within the Atlantic alliance. The report also considered possible means of renewing positive momentum for European defense.

The President largely approved the report’s conclusions both on strengthening France’s influence within NATO and on urging greater defense cooperation between European countries.

The Head of State asked for the report to be forwarded to the Commission responsible for drafting the White Paper on Defense and National Security, chaired by Jean-Marie Guéhenno, for the furtherance of its work.

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