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Gen.Jean-Paul Paloméros, Head of Allied Command Transformation for NATO, Visits Washington

Gen.Jean-Paul Paloméros, Head of Allied Command Transformation for NATO, Visits Washington

Published on April 5, 2013

On March 27-28, French Air Force General Jean-Paul Paloméros visited Washington, D.C., where he had several meetings at the Pentagon, the Department of State and the French embassy. He also had the opportunity to make an address at Johns Hopkins University in front of a diverse group of university students and young professionals gathered to analyze challenges and opportunities facing NATO.

Gen. Paloméros currently acts as Supreme Allied Commander Transformation for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Established in 2003, Allied Command Transformation is at the heart of NATO’s efforts to lead continuous NATO military transformation in order to enhance effectiveness in current and future operations. As head of the organization, Gen. Paloméros works and lives in Norfolk, Va., where he prepares for immediate to longer-term future challenges along the lines of optimized budget spending.

“There are many different challenges in terms of military capabilities, as well as maintaining credibility and a coherent alliance of NATO military forces,” said Gen. Paloméros during his March trip to Washington. “The aim is also to increase interoperability between the different forces, as demonstrated in the crises in Libya and Afghanistan, or at sea in the Horn of Africa and the Mediterranean.”

In September 2012, Gen. Paloméros succeeded General Stéphane Abrial, the first non-American to head the command, and fellow Frenchman. Like Gen. Paloméros, Gen. Abrial also hails from the French Air Force. Together, Gen. Paloméros and Abrial are the first non-Americans to hold a NATO leadership position of such importance.

Prior to his position, Gen. Paloméros served as the Chief of the French Air Force. Throughout his career he acquired extensive experience both as an operational Commander and as a fighter pilot. He also commanded aerial combat unit in Chad in 1987, participated to the Rapid Reaction Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995 under the UN umbrella, and led French air forces during the NATO operation in Libya in 2011.

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