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Published on August 6, 2013
Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman

Paris, July 25, 2013

France expresses her strong concern about the development of the situation in Egypt, on the eve of the demonstrations planned for 26 July.

In the delicate period the country is going through, it’s important that nothing should be done to fuel tensions or spark violence.

France calls on all the players in the transition and all the political parties to show responsibility and give priority to both dialogue and the search for consensus. Everyone must work for a political process leading to the swift establishment of democratically-elected institutions, in line with the commitments made.

It’s important for the political transition to take place with due regard for human rights, the rule of law and pluralism, allowing all political parties and opinions to take part.

This means the right to demonstrate peacefully being guaranteed and respected and arbitrary arrests, the use of violence and incitement to violence being prevented./.

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