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Visit to Vietnam/human rights

Published on August 7, 2013
Excerpt from interview given by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to RFI

Hanoi, August 5, 2013

France is very committed to human rights worldwide. It’s true that in this case a specific problem exists there concerning bloggers. Indeed, a decree has just been passed threatening heavy penalties against bloggers who broadcast certain messages; some of them have been convicted. I expressed what we call, in diplomatic terms, our concern, which means we don’t have the same approach at all.

Morevoer, it seems to us ineffective, because from a technical point of view, even if you want to, there’s absolutely no way you can limit bloggers’ discussions. I think my interlocutors fully understood it has the approval of neither France nor many other countries; I know that colleagues from other countries have spoken in the same terms. I think what is important is that they clearly noted our position./.

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