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French Senators, Ambassador, Visit U.S. Congress

French Senators, Ambassador, Visit U.S. Congress

Published on September 4, 2013
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Washington, D.C. - September 18 2013

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François Delattre, Ambassador of France to the United States, joined a traveling delegation of French Senators during a visit to the United States Congress on September 18.

Members of the French Senate met with a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators and Representatives in the Capitol building, where they compared French and American policy approaches to energy, including hydraulic fracturing, the transatlantic free trade agreement, and immigration.

The event marked the latest activity of the Congressional French Caucus, a bilateral working group founded in 2003 as a bicameral, bipartisan Congressional Member organization dedicated to promoting partnership and cooperation, composed of 101 members.

Amb. Delattre provided opening remarks for the session, saying that it “could not have come at a better time” to highlight the positive state of French-American relations. He mentioned the countries’ bilateral efforts in Mali and the leadership France and the U.S. have shown on the crisis in Syria.

Ten Members of U.S. Congress attended the meeting.

Among the French Senators present was Roland Du Luart, the President of the French-American Friendship Group within the French Senate. He described the group’s visit to the area of the northeastern United States called the Marcellus Formation, which has become a center for fracking and shale gas processing. On a more personal note, Mr. Du Luart shared that his family roots include notable Americans such as statesman Gouverneur Morris, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

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