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2013 Marie Curie Charity Gala

2013 Marie Curie Charity Gala

Published on October 30, 2013
Remarks by Ambassador François Delattre, Ambassador of France to the United States

Hotel Ritz Carlton, October 29, 2013

Institut Curie President,

Dear Professor Huriet,

Cher Prof. Louvard, Teillac and Almouzni,

It’s a privilege to have you here tonight with the other distinguished members of the Curie Institute and I want to pay tribute to your commitment. As the French Ambassador, I feel very proud of all of you.

Ambassador Schnepf- my collegue and friend the Ambassador of Poland,

Senator Mikulski- our guest of honor,

Senator Markey, a great friend of France,

Admiral Blumenthal – our energetic guest speaker,

Prof. Weinberg – our wonderful Honoree this evening,

Cher Bertrand Badré (Managing Director and CFO of the World Bank), with his collegue Afisneh Beschloss,

Cher CharlElie Couture,

Cher Bill Plante,

Dear Friends,

It’s a great pleasure for my wife Sophie, for my team and for me to be here with you this evening for the Marie Curie Charity Gala. Sophie and I have strong ties with the Curie Institute and have been honored to support them each year.

As we all know, the vision and perseverance of that exceptional woman, Marie Curie, built the foundation of cancer treatment today. And the Institut Curie is more than ever at the center of the international fight against cancer.

So nothing could please me more than to celebrate the effort of this world-renowned, private, non-profit cancer center, the recipient of five Nobel Prizes, including two to Marie Curie herself in physics and chemistry.

As Prof. Huriet eloquently said, we are celebrating tonight the collaboration with the U.S. that Marie Curie initiated in the 1920’s and financing two Marie Curie grants for American scientists to join Curie’s advanced teams for Innovative and Cooperative Programs.

The friendship with America was an important part of Marie Curie’s personal life, and the scientific partnership with the US was part of her vision, part of the dream. With your support, our ambition is to bring this partnership to a new level and to open together a new chapter in the fight against cancer.

Dear friends, our event tonight comes at an opportune time as French-American relations are very strong.

This is true on the diplomatic and security front, as illustrated by the French military operation in Mali, with much appreciated American support, to combat Al Qaida in North Africa. I believe it’s fair to say that our two countries are each other’s closest allies in the fight against terrorism.

In the same vein, the U.S. and France are in the forefront of International efforts on Syria, on Iran and in many other parts of the world.

The scientific and academic university cooperation between our two countries is also growing stronger every year.

It is one of my top priorities as Ambassador. Every day I conclude or help conclude an agreement between French and American universities about exchanges of students, scientific partnerships, incubator’s collaborations. To promote these partnerships we at the Embassy have created new entities like the “Partner University Fund”, which supports three - year academic and research partnerships at the graduate and post-doctoral levels. This is a great success story. To give you just an example Dr. James Rothman of Yale University, who was only days ago awarded the Nobel Price in Medicine, is a laureate of our “Partner University Fund”.

In this very favorable context, what the Institut Curie does here in the U.S. is in many respects a source of inspiration for the growing scientific partnership between our two countries.

So my warmest thanks again to each and everyone of you and my warmest encouragements to the Institut Curie and its American partners./.

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