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Central African Republic

Published on November 21, 2013
Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

Paris, November 20, 2013

What do you intend to do regarding the Central African Republic?

We’re fully mobilized to ensure that the international community plays a role in resolving the crisis in the Central African Republic.

- we’ve been doing so since August, with an initial debate at the Security Council. President Hollande raised the alarm at the UN General Assembly on September 25 by calling on the international community to take urgent action;

- we then took the initiative of tabling a resolution at the Security Council. Resolution 2121, which was unanimously adopted on October 10, was a vital step toward strengthening the international community’s support for the African forces (MISCA [AFISM-CAR]), as well as the efforts of the African Union and the countries of the region;

- following the adoption of this resolution, the minister of foreign affairs travelled to Bangui on October 13. He reaffirmed the three-fold need to support the African efforts to re-establish security, to ensure that free and transparent elections take place in February 2015, at the very latest, and to strengthen humanitarian assistance as well as the protection of human rights in the country.

Resolution 2121 requested the UN Secretary-General to propose a certain number of options to support the African force being deployed under the auspices of the African Union. This report has now been submitted to the permanent members. It underscores the deterioration of the humanitarian and security conditions, while humanitarian access is still not being granted in all regions of the country.

A debate will begin on November 25. Based on the Secretary-General’s report, we’re already working with the members of the Security Council on a new draft resolution to support the deployment of the African force. France will continue to take action to help the Africans resolve the crisis.

The humanitarian crisis is real. The possibility of increasing French troop levels is being mentioned. Has a decision been taken?

Please refer to the Ministry of Defense regarding the military aspects.

In the first six months of 2013, France disbursed almost €2.5 million in food and humanitarian aid. On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on September 25, the minister of foreign affairs also announced additional aid of €10 million over 15 months.

What do you think about the 5 options put forward by Ban Ki-moon? Are you aiming for a 2nd resolution before the summit for peace and security in Africa in December?

We will discuss the options on November 25 with the other members of the Security Council. Right now our position is to do everything possible to support the African force being deployed and provide it with the international support it needs.

With respect to the timetable, we’d like to swiftly reach a consensus within the Security Council. The goal is to ensure that a second resolution that will take into account the options proposed by the Secretary-General is adopted as swiftly as possible.

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