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Franco-American exchanges

Published on November 25, 2013

The Office is a member of several organizations:
- African Grantmakers Affinity Group;
- American Evaluation Association;
- Exponent Philanthropy;
- Global Philanthropy Forum;
- Grantmakers for Effective Organizations;
- International Human Rights Funders Group;
- Society for International Development.

Institute for Research and Debate on Governance

The Office has facilitated the visit of Séverine Bellina, the Director of WRI, an international forum for discussion and proposals on public governance, by offering contacts who are interested in issues related to governance, democracy and civil society.

Youth Advocate Programs (YAP)

The Office has supported YAP to enable them to be present and participate in the forum "Engaging and Empowering Young People to Participate in a Collective Action for Social Change" sponsored by the Comité National de Liaison des Associations de Prévention Spécialisée (CNLAPS), which took place in Lyon from November, 2nd to November, 6th 2013.


The Office supports the international association Give1Project which promotes the exchange of experience between young leaders from around the world to bring out a new youth involved in social, economic and political aims.


The Office sponsored a French woman so that she was able to participate in a seminar that took place in the United States in June 2013.

Association pour Favoriser l’Intégration Professionnelle (AFIP)

The Office has assisted the AFIP to fund the study of feasibility of a project to create an intelligence center and international exchanges on the best practices against discrimination on the labor market, related to the origin.

Women in Public Service Project

The Office has joined forces with the Woodrow Wilson Center for the Women in Public Service Project, a project to develop leadership among women worldwide, in order to achieve the target of 50% women in senior positions in the public service in 2050.

Global Philanthropy Forum 2013

Participation of Olivier Lafourcade, Investors & Partners, and Christophe Person, {} Foundation Grameen Credit Agricole.

Interaction Forum

The Office has enabled three French NGOs to participate in the 2013 Interaction Forum: {} Eau Vive, The Nubian Vault and SOS Sahel {}.

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