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Trade policy

Published on December 20, 2013
Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade

Paris, December 19, 2013

Nicole Bricq yesterday convened a meeting of non-governmental organizations, professional federations and elected representatives to take stock of the French position on the WTO (World Trade Organization) and the transatlantic partnership agreement.

For Nicole Bricq, the drawing-up of trade treaties is a matter for everyone and requires debates and democratic oversight. With this strong belief, the Minister today convened a meeting of about 50 French and European members of parliament and representatives of NGOs, professional federations and companies to discuss the outcome of the Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference, held in Bali at the beginning of December, and of the negotiations between the European Union and the United States.

During the meeting, the Minister reiterated France’s commitment to multilateralism and its satisfaction following the agreement reached in Bali, which raises new prospects for the WTO. Forging closer ties with the other international organizations (ILO, UN, IMF) to take into account all aspects of globalization, committing the new trading powers to no longer benefiting from measures that no longer reflect their economic weight… The challenges to tackle are many, and they are key to ensuring globalization is not a big mess where power alone prevails.

Nicole Bricq also reported on the progress of negotiations on the transatlantic partnership agreement and restated France’s position on consumer protection and the harmonization of social and environmental standards from the top downwards. The Minister added that France was opposed to the establishment of an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism in the framework of the transatlantic partnership agreement.
For the Minister, “French and European citizens, through their representative bodies, must bring their full weight to bear so that the trade negotiations meet everyone’s expectations and interests. For my part, I want to give a regular account of the discussions under way at Community and international levels in order to fulfil the – perfectly legitimate – demand for transparency, which I feel is growing all over Europe”./.

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