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Enlistment requirements

Published on November 26, 2007

- To be between the age of 17 and 40 years old (Parental or legal tutor authorization is required for minors),
- To hold a valid official identity card,
- To be physically fit for duty wherever he may be needed,
knowledge of the French language is not necessary because it will be acquired during the contract.

Enlistment Procedures:

The first contract is for five years

To enlist in the French Foreign Legion, all volunteers must present themselves in any recruiting office in France. Travel costs and the eventual obtention of a visa are borne by the candidate and no help whatsoever can be accorded by the French Foreign Legion.

If successful, after preliminary medical check-ups, the candidate will be transfered to the selection center of the Legion Headquarters in Aubagne (15 kms from Marseille) where he will undergo medical, IQ and physical fitness tests.

If the candidate is successfull in passing the selection, he will be asked to sign a five years unconditional contract to serve wherever the French Foreign Legion needs him.

The unsuccessfull candidate is immediately returned to civilian life to rejoin his country of origin without any financial aid.

The Initial Contract

For four months the young legionnaire will receive a basic military instruction at the 4th Foreign Regiment located in Castelnaudary after which, he will be posted to a regiment, depending on his capabilities and the needs of the French Foreign Legion.

Promotion through the ranks will depend upon his physical capacities as well as his IQ, service record and leadership abilities.

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